10 Funniest Rodney Dangerfield Quotes

Rodney Dangerfield is one of the most beloved comedians of all time for his sharp one-liners and self-deprecating humor. It wasn’t until later in life that he moved towards movies, but that didn’t stop him from making some classics in his time even if his acting career was not prolific.

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While Dangerfield rarely stepped too far away from the persona he established in his stand-up, his movies remain memorable and still get big laughs today. Fans can no doubt recall some of the funniest quotes from his movie career delivered in a way only Rodney Dangerfield can pull off.

10 Even In Hell, I Get No Respect

Lucifer with Hell monster

Little Nicky is not regarded as one of Adam Sandler’s best comedies, but it does feature a pretty enjoyable cast of funny people. The movie stars Sandler as the kind-hearted son of the devil who must go to Earth in order to bring his demon brothers back to Hell.

Dangerfield has a fun supporting role as Sandler’s grandfather, Lucifer. In one scene as the wayward demon brothers are preparing to leave Hell, they push Dangerfield aside. As he lies on the ground, he gets a nice winking line to his most famous catchphrase.

9 I Got A Face-Lift, There Was One Just Like It Underneath

Rodney Dangerfield in a mirror in Casper

The live-action take on the friendly ghost Casper is a nostalgic hit for some fans and a favorite for the Halloween season. The movie is a fairly fun family-friendly ghost story that is packed with a surprising amount of fun cameos, including one from Dangerfield.

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In one scene, a character is possessed by ghosts and when he looks in the mirror, his face changes into different recognizable celebrities. Along with appearances as Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson, Dangerfield pops up to offer one of his trademark zingers at his own expense.

8 Whoa, Did Somebody Step On A Duck?

It’s safe to say that out of Dangerfield’s entire movie career, Caddyshack is the most beloved. The wild and hilarious golf flick takes a pretty simple premise, a lot of funny actors, and turns it into comedy gold.

Dangerfield steals many scenes as the rich, hard-partying club member, Al. He is meant to be a refreshing alternative to the other stuffy members as seen in this scene during a fancy dinner when Al lets out a noisy fart without shame and loudly jokes about it. No matter your age, fart jokes are always funny.

7 With The Shape I’m In You Could Donate My Body To Science Fiction

Rodney Dangerfield wearing a green shirt with people in the background

Another fantastic movie from Dangerfield’s career is Back to School. In it, he plays a rich businessman who enrolls in college to help his struggling son make it through to graduation. The high-concept comedy is basically just an excuse for Dangerfield to do his regular schtick which works so well.

During the climactic diving competition, Dangerfield’s character is asked to participate which he is not too keen on. He remarks “you could donate my body to science fiction.” It is that kind of clever play on words that helped make him a legend.

6 After They Sacked The Quarterback They Went After His Family

rodney dangerfield back to school best college movies about freshman year

One of the funniest things about Back to School is seeing Dangerfield’s older character trying to relate to his younger classmates. This also gives him an excuse to talk about his own young days which is another big part of his comedy routines.

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When assessing the football team at his new school, Dangerfield feels they don’t match up to the toughness of his hometown football team. These kinds of exaggerated ideas are another hallmark of Dangerfield’s wonderful humor.

5 Together We Made Mud

rodney dangerfield back to school best college movies about freshman year

The “no respect” style of Dangerfield’s stand-up comedy extends to all aspects of his life which makes it such a versatile setup. Another of the big areas Dangerfield likes to focus on is his failed romantic relationships so the fact that his character in Back to School is divorced leaves plenty of opportunity for these kinds of jokes.

When talking to some of the younger college kids, Dangerfield remarks that his relationship with his ex was doomed from the beginning. He explains, “I’m an Earth sign. She’s a water sign. Together we made mud.”

4 My Dinghy’s Bigger Than Your Whole Boat!

One of the funniest parts of Caddyshack is Al’s rivalry with the movie’s villain, Judge Smails. Though Al seems to think they are actually friends in his own strange way, the uptight Smails cannot stand Al’s obnoxious and vulgar behavior.

During one memorable scene, Smails is christening his new boat as Al comes to say hello in his massive yacht. Not only does Al’s massive boat cause Smails’s to sink, but Al adds insult to injury by hilariously mocking its size.

3 Yeah, Well You Were The Inspiration For Twin Beds

Monty insults his mother-in-law

Easy Money might not be as well known as Caddyshack or Back to School, but it is another fairly entertaining comedy that makes good use of Dangerfield’s iconic brand of comedy.

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The movie finds Dangerfield playing a man who stands to inherit his mother-in-law’s fortune if he can change his wild lifestyle. Some of the funniest scenes involve Dangerfield facing off with his disapproving mother-in-law. After she chastises him one too many times, he unleashed this great insult.

2 Hey Baby, You Must’ve Been Something Before Electricity

It is endlessly funny watching Al continuously annoy Smails in Caddyshack. He is either totally unaware of how to agree he is making Smails or he just doesn’t care. In either way, Al proves to have no boundaries.

While Smails is dancing with his wife, Al decides to cut in much to Smails’s horror. To matters worse, Al openly mocks his wife with the biting line, “you must’ve been something before electricity.”

1 Hey Everybody, We’re All Gonna Get Laid!

Rodney Dangerfield Caddyshack

Despite Caddyshack having other big-name stars like Chevy Chase and Bill Murray in the cast, it is Dangerfield who gets to deliver the final line of the movie. And it may be one of the funniest and greatest final lines in cinema history.

After winning the climactic golf match and triumphing over Smails, Al turns to the gathered crowd and shouts, “Hey everybody, we’re all gonna get laid,” leading to a massive party in pure ’80s movie fashion. It doesn’t make any sense but it’s hard not to go along with how fun it is.

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