Legion 60 FPS Performance Mode Coming In June

The next Title Update for Watch Dogs: Legion will introduce a 60 FPS “Performance Mode” for consoles, along with other bug fixes and content.

The updated roadmap for Watch Dogs: Legion reveals that the highly anticipated 60 FPS “Performance Mode” will be coming to consoles in the next Title Update. Other quality-of-life changes will be included in the patch. However, developer Ubisoft has announced that other content has been pushed back later into the year.

Since releasing last year, Watch Dogs: Legion has been continually updated with new content. While some of the content is free, some require the purchase of the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass. Over the past few months, Legion has seen the introduction of new assignments and missions, new characters, and a new playable hero named Mina Sidhu. In March, online multiplayer was introduced to the game.

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Performance Mode will be added in Title Update 4.5, as announced on the Watch Dogs Twitter account. The update is planned to launch on June 1st. While this is technically outside of the projected late May window, Ubisoft says they pushed the update back to fix bugs and give teams more time. The exact bugs being fixed were not revealed but should be detailed when the update launches (via Ubisoft).

This update will also allow Watch Dogs: Legion to have cross-platform play within the same console family. Players on Xbox One will be able to play co-op with those on Xbox X, for example. A new operative will also be added for free, named Helen. There’s also a teaser for new, unknown content, marked by a question mark. What exactly this will be is a secret, but will likely be revealed closer to or on June 1st.

With the updated roadmap comes the reveal that the Bloodline expansion and new heroes Aiden Pearce and Wrench won’t be released until July. The two new PVP modes, Extraction and Invasion, have also been moved from late May to August. The Assassin’s Creed crossover event remains on schedule to release in August, however.

While the delays will certainly be disappointing to some players, they seem to be for the sake of improving the content and ensuring players get the best possible experience. The much-desired 60 FPS patch for next-gen consoles will hopefully tide over the more impatient fans. This, along with the aforementioned bug fixes and a new Tactical Op, should keep players busy until the larger updates of July and August. If nothing else, cross-generational play will give plenty a chance to experience the multiplayer aspects with friends for the first time. The full story and world of Watch Dogs are only beginning to be told.

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Watch Dogs: Legion is available now for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia.

Source: Watch Dogs/Twitter, Ubisoft

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