The 5 Most Heartbreaking Sequel Trilogy Moments (& The 5 Most Heartwarming)

As one of the most divisive trilogies of all time, the Star Wars sequel trilogy has its fair share of naysayers. However, there is still a ton of love for the films in the fandom, and for them, so many of the emotional beats work.

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As the end of the Skywalker saga, the sequels have their fair share of heartbreaking moments, many of which are to do with death. But, throughout, there still are moments of warmth to be found, perfect for fans who enjoy loving, celebratory scenes where the heroes rejoice.

10 Heartbreaking – The End Of The Skywalker Saga

Whenever a series runs for a good number of seasons and is beloved by its audience, no matter the quality of its finale, there is always a sadness surrounding the fact that it is the end; there is nothing else to come after.

This is the type of feeling present at the end of The Rise Of Skywalker. There is more Star Wars to come, more than ever, in fact. But, in terms of the Skywalker saga, that image of Rey and BB-8 walking into the Tatooine binary sunset looks to be its last, and that itself is heartbreaking.

9 Heartwarming – “General.” “General.”

The character arcs of both Poe Dameron and Finn were rocky throughout the trilogy, with not as much time spent with them as fans might have hoped.

However, their arcs have a fantastic climax as Poe realizes he cannot be General alone, and he needs help to be the leader he wants to be. The moment where he asks Finn to be General alongside him is one of the standout moments of the movie and is a fitting end for Poe’s arc, as well as for Finn, who has finally found that his place lies with the Resistance.

8 Heartbreaking – Ben Solo’s Death

Rey kisses Ben in The Rise of Skywalker

There were some terrific characters introduced throughout the sequel trilogy, but perhaps the best in terms of quality and consistency in the trilogy itself was Kylo Ren/Ben Solo.

Many have taken issue with his redemption, as well as his death, but it is still a sad moment. His saving Rey then dying is an affecting moment.

7 Heartwarming – “Chewie, We’re Home.”

The time before The Force Awakens was a special one for the Star Wars fandom, with most of the fans chomping at the bit for more of the Skywalker saga. The initial trailers only served to get fans even more excited for the movies to come.

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One of the highlights of said trailers, and of the movie itself, is the first appearance of original trilogy heroes in the form of Han and Chewbacca who get reunited with the Millennium Falcon, with Han announcing “Chewie, we’re home” in one of the most fist-pump worthy moments of the movies.

6 Heartbreaking – Leia Organa’s Death (& Chewie’s Reaction)

The death of Leia Organa was mentioned earlier, and there is no doubt it is a heartbreaking moment in and of itself, even ignoring the reaction of Chewbacca and the other heroes.

Unfortunately, this was an extremely predictable outcome for the beloved princess turned General, given the sad passing of the legendary Carrie Fisher a couple of years ago. Predictable or not, though, saying goodbye to such an admired, adored figure was always going to be hard. What made it even harder was when Chewbacca found out and fell to the floor in heartbreak, crying at yet another loss of his.

5 Heartwarming – Threepio & Artoo In The Rise Of Skywalker

R2-D2 and C-3PO in Star Wars Rise of Skywalker

There is no doubt R2-D2 was wasted by the sequel trilogy, given how fantastic the character is. C-3PO, however, ended up being the surprise hit of The Rise Of Skywalker.

It was the funniest the character had been since his red arm comment in The Force Awakens, but overall the funniest he had been since the original trilogy. However, his best moment came when he says goodbye to his friend Artoo and tells him he is the best friend he has ever had. It is a wonderful moment that induces happy tears, especially for those who appreciate droids.

4 Heartbreaking – Luke Skywalker’s Death

Perhaps the most surprising death of the entire trilogy came at the end of its most divisive, controversial movie, The Last Jedi, when Luke Skywalker makes a sacrifice and becomes one with the Force.

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Following up his epic face-off with Kylo Ren on Crait, Luke looked out on the binary sunset and went to rest, drained from the power it took to Force project across the Galaxy. The timing of the death is what caught people off guard, but there is no denying how emotional it is seeing such an incredible, beloved hero die.

3 Heartwarming – Luke Skywalker’s Reunions

Star Wars The Last Jedi Luke R2-D2 Leia hologram

As much as there is a vocal portion of fans who despise The Last Jedi for, in their opinion, ruining Luke Skywalker, the legendary character has a slew of great and emotional moments throughout the movie.

Some of the very best are his reunions with characters. The one with Chewbacca is sad given his question about Han. The one with Artoo and the Falcon is incredible, though, as he is shown the original hologram from A New Hope of his sister. Speaking of his sister, the moment when they are reunited briefly on Crait (along with Threepio) is terrific, as he kisses her on the head and tells her, “No one’s ever really gone.”

2 Heartbreaking – Han Solo’s Death

It could depend on the individual preference of movie and character over which death of the three original trilogy heroes is the most heartbreaking; however, the tension, shock, and the general circumstances arguably make Han’s the most traumatic.

There was a feeling throughout the movie that Han may meet his end, but it was not definite until he faced off with his son. There was such palpable tension at that moment, and when the lightsaber goes right through Han, the emotion comes pouring in. Saying goodbye to a character as adored, as iconic as Han, who is killed by his son no less, was truly saddening.

1 Heartwarming – The Final Reunion On Ajan Kloss

Though The Rise Of Skywalker may have had some issues, the end of the movie is immense. After the battle is won and before Rey heads for Tatooine, the Resistance heroes arrive back on Ajan Kloss and find one another in celebration.

Seeing Finn, Rey, and Poe embrace, seeing everybody celebrate, is all amazingly touching, reminiscent of the original trilogy victory celebration, and is a moment that will be celebrated for generations to come who grow up with the trilogy.

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